Summer of 2022 Training Camps

Camp 1: Ninja Warrior Basic Camp

June 20-23 M-Th 9:30-1 pm

This camp focuses on the Ninja Warrior Basic movement. In addition, we focus on the emphasis of our 5 Core attitude system. Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-control and Indomitable-Spirit.

Camp 2: Nerf Gun/Gun Safety

June 28-30 T-Th 9:30-1 pm

This camp focuses on the importance of fire-arm safety as well as what a child can do if he/she encounters a firearm at home or a friend’s. We also offer a lot of fun and exciting nerf gun battles.

Camp 3: Ninja Warrior “Mario Theme” Camp

July 11-14 M-Th 9:30-1 pm

This Camp focuses on a more advanced method of Ninja Warrior training. This pertains to physically conditioning, mental toughness, and the importance of efficient movement.

Camp 4: Navy SEAL Mental Toughness Camp (Behavior Modification)

Jul 18-21 M-Th 9:30-1 pm

This camp is a simulation of a military basic training camp. The Coach or Drill Instructor takes a very aggressive approach to teach kids about the quality of discipline, teamwork, and humility. The Instructor is a 12 year Navy Vet.  (Secondary Waiver required!)

Camp 5: Martial Arts Training Conditioning

Jul 25-28 M-Th 9:30-1 pm

This camp focuses on the fundamentals of Parkour and Ninja Warrior integrated movement. We also offer group and leadership training and mental toughness training.

Camp 6: Nerf “Zombie” Theme

August 1-4 M-Th 9:30-1 pm

This camp focuses on firearms safety and awareness. It also teaches kids how to stay calm under pressure. Next to this, we will be offering a nerf gun walking dead zombie survival experience.

Camp Price: $175 Per Camp

Daily: $60

All 6 Camps for $825

Sample Daily Camp:

9:30-9:45 Warm-up

9:45-10:15 Warped Wall Specifics training

10:20-11:00 Level 1 Obstacle Training (Rings, Atomik-balls, Laches, rope swings.)

11:00-11:30 Lunch Break!

11:30-12:00 Level 1 Balance (Balance log, Balance Tank, Dancing Stones.)

12:00-12:30 Team Building

12:30-1:00 Open-gym

Monday: Level 1 training (Rings, rope swing, Balance, Warped Wall)

Tuesday: Level 2 (Course Linking, Bar to bar Laches, Suspension training.)

Wednesday: Competition Stages 1 and 2 “Qualifier Simulator”

Thursday: Graduation, Potluck, Games, Open-gym