2022 Summer Break Training Camps!

Camp Dates/Times

Apr. 12th-14th/Tues-Thur 9:30-1 3 Days

(American Ninja Warrior Juniors Training Camp)

Camp Pricing!

Standard One Day Camp Rate $50

Full Camp Rate $110

Sample Daily Camp:

9:30-9:45 Warm-up

9:45-10:15 Warped Wall Specifics training

10:20-11:00 Level 1 Obstacle Training (Rings, Atomik-balls, Laches, rope swings.)

11:00-11:30 Lunch Break!

11:30-12:00 Level 1 Balance (Balance log, Balance Tank, Dancing Stones.)

12:00-12:30 Team Building

12:30-1:00 Open-gym

Tuesday: Level 1 training (Rings, rope swing, Balance, Warped Wall)

Wednesday: Level 2 (Course Linking, Bar to bar Laches, Suspension training.)

Thursday: Competition Stages 1 and 2 “Qualifier Simulator”